Two cases of Metagonimiasis with special reference on the egg laying capacity in the human host

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Seo, Byong-Seol; Rim, Han-Jong; Lee, Soon-Hyung; Cho, Seung-Yull; Kwack, Chong-Won; Lee, Won-Jae; Yeo, Tae-ho

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.12 No.4, pp. 234-241
Two cases of human infection of Metagonimus
vokogatoai proven with adult worm in
Korea were presented with special reference
on the egg-laying capacity of the worm in the
human host observed in these cases.
1) The case 1 who had the history of intake
of raw sweetfish(Plecoglossus altivelh) were
suffered from mild but chronic diarrhea for 6
months exactly after the intake. was treated
with 2 courses of tetrachlorethylene incompletely
but successfully. The total number of
adult worm collected from this case was
The case 2 who was infected in low grade,
was showed no symptoms since the infection
with Metagonimus yokogawai. He was treated
with Yomesan completely.
2) The above two cases were evaluated on
the egg-laying status of Metagonimus yokogawai
and collected the whole of the worms
expelled after treatment. From the E. P. G.,
stool weight and consistency at each time of
stool examination and the number of worms
collected in each cases, the authors could obtained
the number, L 505 as a E. P. D. P.
W. (Eggs per day per worm) of Metagonimus
yokogawat' in human host within one year of
3) The morphological observation on the
collected adult worms from the cases were
briefly recorded.
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