인삼의 방사선 장해 방어능력에 관한 임상적 연구 : The effect of Panax ginseng on the postoperative radiation complication in cervical cancer patients

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장윤석; 박찬일

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.21 No.2, pp. 187-193
The clinical problems in the cervical cancer patio
ents undergoing radiation treatment is how long it
is safe to continue radiation in the presence of blood changes.
In this time, a comparative study was performed
in 50 cervical cancer patients to establish the effectiveness
of Panax ginseng on recovering the injured
bone marrow function by radiation therapy.
Fifty patients who were treated by radiation only
or radiation following radical operation, were
randomly divided to two groups. Red ginseng
powder was given orally in a daily dose of 5.0 gm
to 25 cases and placebo in the identical capsule to
25 cases as control for five weeks.
The observation was based on the hemoglobin
content, white and red blood cell count, and platelet
count which are generally known to fall by irradiation.
And, serum protein and bilirubin level were
also compared between two groups.
The results obtained were summarized as follows.
1. The number of red blood cell changed similarly
in both groups and the difference between them was
not significant.
2. The difference in hemoglobin content between
two groups was not significant.
The level of hemoglobin content in treated group
was rather lower than that of control group, and
there was no recovery tendency in the treated
3. White blood cell count in both groups seemed
to increase but the difference between them did
not show statistical significance.
4. The platelet count in the treated group had
tendency to increase rapidly from 4 weeks following
treatment and it exceeded that of control group
5. The amount of serum protein and bilirubin
had no significant difference in both groups.
The results suggested that ginseng had the pro'
tective effect on the depressed bone marrow, only in
terms of platelet count. In consequence, more long'
term and detailed study is recommended to prove
the effect of red ginseng powder on the recovery of
depressed bone marrow by irradiation.
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