英祖의『聖學輯要』進講과 정책적 활용

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.38, pp. 303-336
Lectures of the task『Seonghak Jibyo/聖學輯要』in the presence of King Yeongjo were arranged for total of three times during his reign, and each time the arrangement was related to certain key projects that were led by King Yeongjo himself and well underway at the time.

During the first lecture, from reading『Seonghak Jibyo』, King Yeongjo became interested in the notion that official discipline("紀綱") must come first before appeasing the people("安民"). So interested, he based his Tangpyeong-chaek/蕩平策 policy(policy for governmental officials" appointments) upon that very notion.

During the second round, he concentrated his attention upon the chapter of Reformation(Gaengjang-ron/更張論) inside 『Seonghak Jibyo』, which heavily influenced the King"s design of the Gyunyeok/均役法 system of taxation and human forces mobilization.

The third round was held in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of King Sukjong"s first reading of『Seonghak Jibyo』in a royal lecturing session. And the arrangement was also related to the dredging project that was launched at the time. The royal lecture served as a launchpad revealing the King"s intentions and plans for the project.

The royal lectures of 『Seonghak Jibyo』 provided King Yeongjo with crucial information and ideological inspiration for devising his key projects and policies. And they also served as opportunities reinforcing the image of the King and establishing it as a teacher and a master(君師) who were in ultimate charge of National ruling.
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