영웅소설과 대하소설의 주인공의 환상 체험의 차이와 그 의미

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.42, pp. 87-107
The fantasy style in classic novels is relative to realization of original nature of human. It can prescribe the whole meanings of the story as it influence to the inclination of consciousness of each novels. This thesis surveyed the difference and the meaning of fantasy experience of heroes and heroines in hero novels and river novels.

Heroes in hero novels certainly discipline under prodigy in the celestial world, but in river novels there is no scene like this. And heroes in hero novels get helps from transcendent existence, heroes in river novels on the other hand forestall transcendent existence. In hero novels that mainly common people read, heroes as deficiency needed structural mechanism that can do qualitative leap, but in river novel that mainly higher classes enjoyed, heroes as sufficiency didnt need narrative mechanism that can do qualitative leap.

Meantime, heroines in hero novels volunteer to attire as men and discipline under male prodigy, on the other hand heroines in river novels get helped at the moment of serious crisis from female prodigy and arrive passively to celestial world and take lessons. And in hero novels, they stretch their wings in order to reveal their existence and recover their own native home, but in river novels, heroines stretch their wings in order to rescue their own lover or husband and recover the family of husband as the result. These mean that hero novels that common people enjoyed reveal woman consciousness without specific restriction, river novels upper classes enjoyed on the other hand reveal somewhat woman consciousness in the criterion and restriction to the higher woman class.
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Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies (규장각한국학연구원)Korean Culture (한국문화) Korean Culture (한국문화) vol.42 (2008)
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