서울대학교 수목원 전략 계획 보고서 (2008-2012) : Strategic plan from 2008 to 2012

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장계선; 장진성; 고길석

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The arboretum, Seoul National University
Bulletin of the Seoul National University Arboretum, no.26, pp.95-101
The Arboretum was founded in 1967, and the mission and first strategy plans for five years were made in 2000 to cover all aspects of the scientific, conservation and education value of the living plant collections worldwide. However the first strategy plans have limitations such as the poor budget and man power. Therefore, we set up the second strategy plans for 2008-2012. Recommendations regarding this second plan was results of planning by Arboretum staff, dean, officers and professors of university of Agriculture Life Sciences, and the parties of local governments as province Gyeonggi-do and Suwon city. Seven areas of focus over the next five years were identified for the Arboretum with specific targets, strategies, and action steps within each focus areas. Each components of the plan were made in order to enable us to keep carrying out the vision and mission of The Arboretum.
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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (농업생명과학대학)The Arboretum, Seoul National University (수목원)Bulletin of the arboretum Seoul National University (수목원 연보)Bulletin of the arboretum Seoul National University no.26 (2007)
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