밝혀지는 植物資源(8) : Plant Resources Discovered (8)

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The Arboretum, Seoul National University
Bulletin of the Seoul National University Arboretum, no.8, pp.1-5
1. Old and big pine trees (Pinus densiflora) for champion candidates in Korea are presented
with an example of representative 24 pine trees elected. Informations for pine champion candidates
have been received through a cooperation of provincial governments, and 24 of 94 total pine
candidates were elected. Final determination of champion tree or trees will be decided by the
results of the spot survey in the future. Together with pine trees the biggest specimens of
Camellia japonica and Ehretia ovalifolia were reported from the southern islands.
The author reported -that two old male trees of Osmanthus insularis of Chejudo would need
female trees for their propagation and the same species of Koemundo failed to set fruit because
of severe insect damage though both sexes exist there.
2. A new taxon of the genus Lilium, and additions of Gentiana scabra var. buergerii for.
albijlora, Ribes burejense, Botrychium multijidum var. robustum C. Christensen etc. were made as
Lilium amabile Palibin in Acta Hort. Petrop. 19:113(1901). var. immaculatum, oar. nov.
A typo differt perianthiis immaculatis.
Typus: T.B. Lee no. 4359-1, June 21, 1987, Mt. Chilkap, HAS.
Korean name: Chilkap-nari
Gentiana scabra var. buergerii for. albiflora Makino in J.J.B. 8:45 (1933), sub var. buergerii.
It is a new addition to Korean flora and was collected from Mt. Raya of S. Chungchung-do.
Ribes burejense Fr. Schmidt, Mem. Acad. Sci. St. Petersb. ser. 7,12, 2:42 (1868). It is a new
addition to our territory, and was collected from Mt. Palwang.
Botrychium multijidum var. robustum C. Christ. ex Hulton, F1. Kamtch. 1:48 (1927). It was
collected from Mt. Daedun, a new addition to southern inland.
Monotropa hypopitys Linn. has been thought rare in Korea but it was collected from Mts.
Minjuji, Chijang and Palwang during this year.
Three taxa of the genus Dryopteris have been added to our territory during this year though
the first taxon was reported previously; D. fragrans Schott from Mt. Nochii of Kangwondo, D.
amurensis from Mt. Palwang near Daekwallyong, and D. laeta Christ. from Mt. Dogyu of S.
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