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Activity of Brush Border Membrane Bound Enzymes in the Small Intestine of Mice Infected with Fibricola seoulensis : Fibricola seoulensis에 감염된 마우스 소장의 미소융모막 효소활성도의 변화

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Lee, Chong-Guk; Honq, Sung-Tae; Yu, Jae-Ran; Huh, Sun; Kim, Hae Ryun; Song, In-Sung; Ko, Kwang-Wook; Lee, Soon-Hyung

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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med, Vol.32 No.3, pp. 139-148
Fibricola seoulensisMouseSucroseLactaseTrehalaseLeucine aminopeptidaseAlkaline phosphataseTreatment
Fibricola seoulensis is a trematode of the human intestine inducing severe
atrophy of the villi. Human cases suffer from severe diarrhea, abdominal discomfort
and fever. The heavily infected mice died mainly because of dehydration and luminal
bleeding. The atrophic change of the intestinal mucosa is suspected to be related to
functional derangements. The present study intended to observe the changing activity
of the brush border membrane bound enzymes in the intestines of infected mice. Each
mouse was infected with 100 or 1000 metacercariae collected from snakes. The mice
were sacrificed chronologically after infection, and after praziquantel treatment. The
mucosa of their intestines (duodenum, proximal jejunum and distal jejunum) was collected
and homogenized. The protein content and enzymatic activity of the homogenates
were measured. The activity of sucrase, lactase, trehalase, alkaline phosphatase and
leucine aminopeptidase in the intestinal mucosa increased just after infection and began
to decrease after 1 week to 32 days. Decreased activity recovered distinctively 20 days
after treatment. The activity of all the enzymes increased in the distal jejunum. In mice
infected with 1000 metacercariae, the activity changed in a similar pattern to those
with 100 metacercariae. The findings suggest that the infection of F. seoulensis disturbs
final digestion and absorption on the brush border membrane eventually causing osmotic
diarrhea. Such effects were recovered after treatment with praziquantel.
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