Ability fit, value fit, and culture fit: The three predictors of individual responses to innovation.

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Choi, Jin Nam; Price, Richard H.

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The Korean Association of Personnel Administration
Proceedings of the Spring Conference of the Korean Association of Personnel Administration (pp. 115-145).
Drawing on the person-environment fit literature, we propose that cognitive comparisons between the self and innovation on meaningful dimensions determine organizational members attitudinal and behavioral responses to innovations. Specifically, we hypothesize that three person-innovation fit constructs-value fit, culture fit, and ability fit-predict employees commitment to implementation and implementation behavior. The results, based on data from two electronics companies, showed that value congruence between innovation and person and between innovation and the implementing organization is more strongly related to employees commitment to implementation than their implementation behavior. In contrast, the congruence between abilities required by the innovation and employees current abilities is more strongly related to their implementation behavior than commitment to implementation. This study expands the innovation implementation literature by identifying and testing a plausible cognitive process that determines employees attitudinal and behavioral responses to innovations.
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