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소위 moyamoya병에 관한 임상적 고찰 : Clinical Study on so-called Moyamoya diseases

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.24 No.2, pp. 229-233
A large number of so-called moyarnoya disease,
characterized by peculiar clinical and radiological
features, had been reported. But in spite of such a
large number of published cases, its etiology and
pathogenesis are still unknown.
We analysed clinical and radiological findings in
26 cases of so-called moyarnoya disease which we
had experienced during last 12 years at the Department
of Neurosurgery. Seoul National University
Hospital, Seoul, Korea. The results were as follows:
1. 14 cases were male and 12 cases female.
2. Age distribution was ranged from 1 to 48.
There were two peaks of incidence in age distribution,
at the first decade and the third decade.
3. We classified the past history into two groups,
previously-healthy group and ischemic-symptom group.
There were 11(42%) cases of previously-healthy
group and 15(58%) cases of ischemic-symptom group.
4. Clinical features on admission were divided
into hemorrhagic group and ischemic symptom group.
There were 11(42%) cases of hemorrhagic group
and 15(58%) cases of ischemic group. And there
were high incidence of ischemic features in the first diseasesdecade,
but nearly equal incidence in other age
5. All cases showed the characteristic angiographic
findings of so-called moyamoya disease. 18(69%)
cases were of bilateral carotid artery involvement,
and 8(3196) cases were of unilateral involvement.
And there were ·1(1596) cases of posterior cerebral
artery invovcment and two cases of associated aneurysm.
6. All cases checked with CT scan showed abnormal
findings, which were alrophic(65%), hemorrhagic(
24%) and of recent focal infarction(lI96).
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