Rotational Resistance of Surface-Treated Mini-implants

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Kim, Tae-Woo; Kim, Seong-Hun; Lee, Shin-Jae; Cho, Il-Sik; Kim, Seong-Kyun

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Angle Orthodontist
Angle Orthodontist. 2009;79:899-907
Partial osseointegrationMini-implantTorque valueRotational momentAngular momentum
Objective: To test the hypothesis that there is no difference in the stability and resistance to rotational moments of early loaded sandblasted and acid-etched (SLA) mini-implants and those of machined-surface implants of the same size and shape.

Materials and Methods: A randomized complete block design was used in 12 skeletally mature male beagle dogs. Ninety-six orthodontic mini-implants were tested. Two types of implants were used: some had SLA surface treatment and some had machined surfaces without coating. After 3 weeks of healing, rotational moments of 150 g were applied. The success rates, maximum torque values, angular momentum, and total energy absorbed by the bone were compared. All values were subjected to mixed-model analysis to evaluate the influence of surface treatment, rotational force direction, and site of implantation.

Results: The maximum insertion torque and angular momentum of SLA implants were significantly lower than those of machined implants (P = .034, P = .039). The SLA implants had a significantly higher value for total removal energy than the machined implants (P = .046). However, there were no significant differences in total insertion energy, maximum removal torque, and removal angular momentum between the 2 groups. There was no significant difference between clockwise and counterclockwise rotation in all measurements.

Conclusion: SLA mini-implants showed relatively lower insertion torque value and angular momentum and higher total energy during removal than the machined implants, suggesting osseointegration of the SLA mini-implant after insertion.
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