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Equity implications of the Korean urban energy policy

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dc.contributor.authorLee, Dalgon-
dc.identifier.citationKorean Journal of Policy Studies, Vol.2, pp. 26-46-
dc.descriptionAdapted from several sections of the author's Ph.D. dissertation, "Backward Mapping" Analysis of An Urban Energy Policy: A Fuel Subsidy to the Rich?, Harvard University, 1987.-
dc.description.abstractThe importance of gas as the major source of fuel energy has recently been on the rise, reducing the
traditional dependence on coal and coal briquets significantly. Accordingly, how to distribute government
incentives among alternative sources of energy becomes an important policy issue. While admitting
that the decision will be ultimately swayed by political considerations, this paper suggests that
there are several policy criteria which, if properly adopted, would help rationalize energy policymaking.
The author argues that in addition to the traditional criteria such as efficiency and equity,
the uncertainties of the energy policy system and the consistency and continuity of the policy should
be considered as substantive policy criteria as well. Among those, this paper focuses on the equity
effects of gas and coal subsidies for various income groups. Evaluating the current distribution of
government subsidies fairly equitable and favoring a greater reliance on gas as major source of
energy in the future in light of its higher social benefits, this paper warns against the negative equity
effects of gas subsidy for the lower income class, particularly when it is combined with the withdrawal
or reduction of coal briquet subsidy currently available to them.
dc.publisherGraduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University-
dc.titleEquity implications of the Korean urban energy policy-
dc.typeSNU Journal-
dc.citation.journaltitleKorean Journal of Policy Studies-
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