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A study on the Korean economy and labor-management dispute -establishment of koreanized labor-management relation-

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Nam, Jeong-Woo

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Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University
Korean Journal of Policy Studies, Vol.3, pp. 134-140
As a consequence of the epoah-making event of the June 29 Declaration in 1987, the so far
suppressed needs and desires of workers in Korea have erupted in a chain of labor-management
disputes or violent strikes throughout the nation. Even in the era of radical democratic changes,
such disputes have turned out to be getting worse due to the lack of established co-operatiwe practices
between the two parties and 3rd party intervention. As a result of the delay in settling these disputes,
Korea's economic situation has become worse as evidenced by: slowed GNP growth due to
lowered productivity; worsened employment due to subsequent shut-downs or reduced operation of
plants; and resultant worsened international balance and price rise. On the management's part, such
a situation has caused retardiness of enterprisers' desire for management or investment fearing of
encouraging even more radical demands from workers. In face of such a predicament, it seems
desirable to develop the so-called Koreaniaed labor-management relation. For this it seems necessary
to reinstate our traditional social solidarity and develop the so-called Oriental Spirits into management.
Above all, positive understanding of both parties and adequate communication channels within
the enterprise is required so that the basis for the solution to the labor-management problems might
be secured.
Workers also are required to trust in capitalistic economic system and mutual assitance throwing
away their violent attitudes. Additionally, improvement in labor administration is necessary so that
administrative guidance for protection of workers and for establishment of labor-management relation
order may be provided.
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