부하가 인식하는 상사의 리더십이 직무만족에 미치는 영향연구: 상사신뢰의 매개역할을 중심으로 : The effect of transformational leadership and transactional leadership on job satisfaction: mediating role of supervisor trust in local government, South Korea.

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서울대학교 행정대학원
행정논총, Vol. 45 No. 4, pp. 167-193
거래적 리더십변혁적 리더십신뢰직무만족transactional leadershiptransformational leadershipjob satisfactionsupervisor trust
본 연구는 부하가 인식하는 상사의 변혁적, 거래적 리더십이 신뢰를 매개로하여 직무만족에 미치는 영향을 구조방정식 모형을 통해 분석해 보았다. 본 연구의 분석결과를 정리하면 다음과 같다. 첫째, 변혁적, 거래적 리더십은 상사신뢰에 유의미한 정(+)의 영향을 미치는 것으로 해석되었다. 둘째, 상사신뢰는 직무만족에 긍정적인 영향을 미치는 것으로 분석되었다. 셋째, 변혁적, 거래적 리더십과 직무만족과의 관계에서 상사신뢰는 전자의 경우와는 부분매개변수(partial mediation variable), 후자의 변수와는 완전매개변수(full mediation variable)로서의 역할을 각각 수행하는 것으로 해석되었다. This paper examines the causal relation between transformational leadership, transactional leadership, and job satisfaction, focusing on the mediating variable of supervisor trust. The results of this study are as follows. First, transformational leadership and transactional leadership were positively related to supervisor trust. Then, supervisor trust was positively related to job satisfaction. Finally, transformational leadership had a direct positive relation to job satisfaction, but transactional leadership did not. Transformational leadership and transactional leadership were positively related to job satisfaction through the mediating supervisor trust variable. This study suggests organizational leaders or managers should take great interest in charisma, intellectual stimulation, and individual consideration in order to increase the job satisfaction of the organization's employees with respect to long-term strategies. In terms of short-term strategies they suggest the importance of fair compensation (or evaluation) for employee job performance based on the exchange between supervisor and employee.
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