Superresolution TOA Estimation With Computational Load Reduction

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Jeon, Nam-Ryul; Lee, Han-Byul; Park, Chan Gook; Cho, Seong Yun; Kim, Seong-Cheol

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 59, no. 8, pp. 4139-4144
Computational efficiencyindoor positioningsuperresolution time-of-arrival (TOA) estimation
Although the superresolution multipath delay profile (MDP)
estimation technique enhances the time resolution of a low-resolution MDP
by using matrix computations, the computational load for the matrix
computations is a problem, because it drastically increases with the length
of the MDP. Because positioning systems require the time of arrival
(TOA) of the first path only, it is possible to reduce the computational
load by applying the matrix computations only to the part of the MDP
that is narrowed but still includes the TOA of the first path. This paper
proposes a scheme for determining the observation window of MDP from
the low-resolution TOA estimates, which are obtained from the MDPs
produced by the pseudonoise correlation method. The proposed scheme
makes use of the random nature of the low-resolution TOA estimates to
further reduce the observation window. The computational efficiency and
estimation accuracy of the proposed scheme are examined by channel
simulations based on the Saleh–Valenzuela indoor channel model and are
also compared with the computational efficiency and estimation accuracy
of the conventional superresolution technique without the observation
window reduction.
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