Effects of Structural Factors on TV Commercial Processing

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Sakamoto, Maki; Yamamoto, Koichi; Hayashida, Tetsuya

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Institute for Cognitive Science, Seoul National University
Journal of Cognitive Science, Vol.9 No.1, pp. 71-88
Japanese TV commercialscognitive effectivenessprocessing of TV commercialsbrand informationstructural factorshierarchy of cognitive saliencereference point abilitypsychological experimentseffective using of celebrities
Metrics such as understanding of the ad or purchase intent are widely used as
a benchmark of effectiveness in TV commercial testing. However, it is quite
rare that we are able to clearly understand why the benchmarks scores are high
or low. This study investigates how structural variables relating to salience
asymmetries in the visual presentation of TV commercials affect the processing
of TV commercials.
Asymmetries of cognitive salience suggest that brand information, which
tends to be non-human, inanimate, and abstract, has difficulty in gaining TV
commercial viewers attention. In this study we seek for effective ways to lead
viewers to process brand information within TV commercial. The commercials
examined for this purpose are those for products in two cosmetic product
categories, namely lipstick and foundation. Based on the hierarchy of cognitive
salience we present the hypothetical structural factors which appeal to the
reference point ability and effectively lead consumers to process brand
information. We tested these hypotheses by psychological experiments. Each
commercial was tested among 51 to 54 participants. A total sample of 211
usable questionnaires was obtained.
Results suggest that when celebrities are effectively used as a salient reference
point accompanied by structural factors that successively shift the attention to
brand information, understanding of product benefits is enhanced. An example of such a structural factor that showed significant contribution to understanding
of product benefits (p <. 01) was the structural factor The last half of the
commercial does not have consecutive cuts showing full views of celebrities.
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