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李箱의 초기 일문시 「且8氏의 出發」의 전고(典故)와 모더니티의 이중적 구조 : Study on the Authentic Precedent in Yi-Sangs Early Poem, Mr. Cha8s Departure(且8氏의 出發) and the Dual Structure of Modernity

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서울대학교 인문학연구원
인문논총, Vol.62, pp. 71-97
이상且8氏의 出發安西冬衛Z伯號모더니티전고Yi-sangMr. Cha8’s departureFuyue AnzaiGraf Zeppelinmodernitythe authentic precedent
This Study tries to interpretate one of Yi-Sangs early poems, Mr.
Cha8s departure(「且8氏의 出發」). In the meanwhile, one verse in the poem,
a wheel doesn't roll(輪不輾地), is thought as the direct quotation
from Jang-ja(莊子) by a lot of researchers. In fact, Yi-sang quoted that
verse from Fuyue Anzais poem, Year 1927,(in Shitoshiron 詩と詩論6,
1930), not from Jang-ja(莊子). This fact could be checked with confirming
the similarity of the deformating that verse in Yi-sangs poem and
Anzais poem.
Anzai wrote Year 1927 motivated by the event which the german
airship, Graf Zeppelin(Z伯號) arrived at Tokyo through the Europe-Asia
continent in 1929(Zeppelin achieved a world travel through Tokyo). At
that time, the arrival of Zeppelin affected the mental attitude of most of
Japaneses to the western modernity. Many japanese poets wrote poems
about Zeppelins arrival and achievement with the emotion of jealousy and
hope. Anzais poem also suggests the despair of japanese to western
machine civilization and the mental triumph with old oriental philosophy.
The verse in the poem, a wheel doesnt roll(輪不輾地) is quoted just as
such a context.
Most importantly, Yi-sang also possibly quoted the verse in the same
context from Anzais that poem. Yi-sang already wrote a word Zbaekho(Z
伯號 ; it is an abbreviation for Graf. Zeppelin.) in a poem, AU
MAGASIN DE NOUVEAUTES. If so, there is a new way to analyse
Yi-sangs difficult poem, Mr. Cha8s departure(「且8氏의 出發」). Yi-sang
proposes new survival method against western machine civilization
represented by Zeppelin through that poem. That method is digging.
Like Dostoyevskys underground liver, Yi-sang felt tired of modern
civilization. He criticized the duplicity of the western modernity providing
despair and hope to the people in asia.
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