영조대 儀禮 정비와『國朝續五禮儀』편찬
Modification of Rituals and Compilation of Gukjo sogoryeui in the Period of King Yeongjo

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.50, pp. 201-228
King YeongjoGukjo sogoryeuiOrye 五禮Orγeseo 五禮書Eui-ju 儀註
Eui- ju', the procedures of rituals included in Oryeseo of Joseon Dynasty, was

granted the legal status of effectiveness equivalent to the laws and regulations of


If you read the records of discussions regarding the enforcement of several rituals

conducted as one of the Orye' in the royal family of Joseon, you can see the fact

that it contains either macro or micro discussion that has to be analyzed from a

precise view as if you would examine each of the discussions as interpreting law',

Al so, it can be found that those discussions include not only the directivity which the time or society pursued but the progress of statecraft of that time as well.

Studies on various rituals conducted on the royal family of Joseon Dynasty lead

us to understand the frame of manners to figure out the ritual behavior of the

people grounded on standardized behavior acquired through standardization' and

repetition' and also the society that they belong to.

Moreover, since certain rituals established by the context of each era are not

unrelated with the social or historical changes of that time but can be indexes

reflecting the changes reliably, they let us know of the particular changes or

meanings of the society.

Gukjo sogoryeui, a crucial Oryeseo in the period of King Yeongjo,well reflects

his view of rituals'. Because the compilation purpose, organization, and contents of Gukjo sogoryeui,include the codes and direction of ritual modification which King Yeongjo pursued then in detail, understanding its significance is directly connected to the interpretation of the progress of government administration in the period of King Jeongjo.

Thereupon, this article has analyzed Gukjo sogoryeui an Oryeseo compiled in the

period of King Yeongjo, and diagnosed the progress of ritual modification of that

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