蔡萬植의〈冷凍魚〉와 內鮮 戀愛의 問題
Chae, Man-sic's and the problem on the Marriage between Imperial Woman and Colonial Man

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.51, pp. 349-369
ChaeMan-sic'sthe Marriage between imperial woman aud colonial mantrauslation aud mistrauslationImperialist's travelCulture trauslation
This study aims to rethink the meauing aud the value of , Chae,

Man-sic's novel written in 1940s from the viewpoint of a love narrative between

imperial womau aud colonial mau. In this novel, the love between imperial womau

aud colonial mau supposes the communication with colonial man's trauslation. It is

impossible that perfact aud equal communication between colonial mau who

trauslates himself with imperial language aud imperial womau who says her mother

tongue. So the hero, colonial mau constautly mistrauslates the identity of imperial

womau, aud performs his love. He (misrtranslates the heroine, imperial womau as a

one in discord with the present age like himself. Meauwhile, the heroine

(misrtranslates colonial mau as a substitute to her past lover whom she didn't

divorce well. Her travel to the colony is the travel for extinction from her past as

au imperialist. She goes to the Continent of China by way of the colony Chosun

aud reaches the high position of imperial lineage through nicely cutting her past.

The hero misses the imperial womau, the mirror-figure of himself who cau go to

the continent aud lost forever. This longing to imperial womau relates to the

longing aud the trial communicates between empire aud nation through auother way

different from one-sided communication which was achieved through translating into

the imperial language.
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