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조선후기~대한제국기 양안연구의 현황과전망 : General discussion: Current status of studies over Yang'an registers produced during the latter half period of the Joseon dynasty and the Daehan Empire period, and future prospects

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.51, pp. 91-105
Yang'an registersLand surveyGungbang Yang'an registersHaengshim-chaek
Analyzing and interpreting Yang'an registers, scholars have fiercely argued with

each other over their own differences of perspectives, as we can see from the

debate that continued between scholars supporting the theory of 'Internal

development' and scholars behiud the theory of 'Small-scale peasants as the Majority,'

or the debate that occurred over determining the nature of the Gwangmu-era

Yaug'an register. Such debates were caused because of the scholars' difference iu

opinions viewing the nature of a particular period's history, but also because of all

the different levels of uuderstanding here and there regarding the general nature of

the Yang'an registers themselves.

The Kyujanggak Institute of Korean Studies has been engaged in a task of

recategorizing Yang'an registers and assorting them with the registers' internal

structure, in order to revitalize discussions over the general nature of the Yang'an

registers. In this article, current status of the ongoing efforts, the perspectives of

previous studies, and future prospects in this area of study, are all examined.

Previous analyses of the Yang'an registers maiuly concentrated upon examining the

Gyeongja-vear register, the Gwangmu-era registers and the Yang'an registers created

in ordinary local Eub uuits. Yet, Yang'an registers created by the land owners or

taxpayers show us a much wider variety of formats and contents in terms of land

ownership, land management and the utility of the Yang'an registers. In this article,

the characteristics of such Yang'an registers are examined, and future options of

utilizing them are also speculated upon.
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