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조선후기 군영둔토의 연구와 양안 : A study of Gunyoung-Dunto and the land survey registers of the late Joseon Dynasty

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.51, pp. 151-179
Gunyoung-Duntoland survey registersJangyongyoungJeolMoJajak군영둔토양안장용영자작
Gunyoung-Dunto(軍營屯土) means the land formed by the military camp

reclaiming and cultivating wasteland, Jinjeon(陳田), etc. and which was appropriated

for military supplies. Gunyoung-Duuto iu the late Joseon Dynasty was iustalled iu 14

places of Hwanghae-do(黃チ海道), 13 places of Pyeongan-do(平安道), 10 places of

Gyeonggi-do(京載道), 8 places of Chungcheong-do(忠清道), 4 places of Jeolla-do(全羅

道), 2 places of Gyeongsang-do(慶向道)), and 1 place of Hamgyeong-do(戚鏡道). At

present, 51 Gunyoung-Dunto land survey registers(量案) are kept in a storage iu

Kyujanggak(奎章閣) and Jangseogak(藏書閣) and the number of Jangyongyoung(狀勇營) land survey registers was most as 31. As to Gunyoung-Dunto land survey

register, 34 registers iu 1709~1799 and 15 registers iu 1800~1888 were made, and

the time 2 registers were made is not known.

The reason that Gunyoung-Dunto land survey registers were made was to exactly

grasp various information related to land with regard to Dunto, established,

transferred to another facilities, purchased and exchanged; Dunto the main

management agent of which has changed by abolition or establishment of the

military camp; Dunto cultivated or reclaimed by doing Jeolsu; etc.

What is noted in the mark of the land survey registers is 'Jeol(折)', '''Mo(冒),

'Jajak(自作)' etc. The Jeol mentioned uuder the name of tenants of the Chungcheong

-do Pyeongsiujin(平薪齣) land survey register means Minkyul(民結) or the land legally

cultivated by the people investing their labor and capital, Mo means the land

discovered while the people secretly cultivate Jinjeon, Hwajeon(火田), etc. without

approval of the authorities. The Jaiak that was written iu Byeolpowidab(別砲衛背)

tenant column of JeollaJwa-Suyoung land survey registers was significant in that it

mentioned that the soldiers directly cultivated a rice paddy.
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