영조대『璿源系譜記略』의 수정과 목판 간인
Modification of Seonwon-gyebo -giryak and Printing on Wood Blocks in the Reign of King Yeongjo

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.50, pp. 229-258
Seonwon-gyebo - giryakGyojeongcheongmodificationJajakpanSebopurge of rebels
This thesis investigated the features of modifying Seonwon-gyebo- giryak and

printing it on wood blocks in the reign of King Yeongjo. Since issued in 1679 (the

fifth year of King Sukjong),Seonwon- boryak was modified as the rituals of royal

family were held. This thesis paid attention to the foundation of Gyojeongcheong

and the modification of related Jasonnok(子評錄),out of the features of modifying

Seonwon-gyebo-giryak during the period of King Yeongjo. The period of King

Yeongjo's reign of 52 years had been in complex political situations from Eulsa

hwanguk (1725) to Eulhae Oksa (1755), and in the course persons related to p叮ges

of rebels were removed from office and reinstated repeatedly, Modifications were

done for the detailed notes of Jasonnok of Seonwon- boryak of King Yeongjo period

which were related to the revel purge. In Seonwon- boryak in the reign of King

Yeongjo, the detailed notes of Gwanjak (titular office and rank) were modified in

Jasonnok related to the purges of rebels,

The wood block used for the modification of Seonwon-borγak was Jajakpan(自作板), Jongbusi requested Jajakpan required for the modification of Seonwon-boryak by issuing official document. As there was no tribute manager for Jajakpan,the

lower official of Gyoseogwan (office of government publication) acted for wholesale

dealer, but it was difficult to secure sufficient quantity at once. Therefore Sebo (洗補) was actively used for the modifications of Seonwon-boryak during the reign of King Yeongjo.

Sebo refers to a supplementation by cutting misspellings from the finished books

and correcting, and a cap holes (補孔) by cutting typographical errors from the

book editions as well. In case of Seonwon-borγak,Sebo, not correcting misspellings was done to the old blocks or previous editions. Sebo was a printing method used

for the modifications of Seonwon-boryak over 28 times during the reign of King Yeongjo, which was a effective way to save wood blocks and papers.
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