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입원기간중 암환자의 정서적 변화에 대한 연구 : A Study on Emotional Responses of Cancer Patients during Hospitalization -Measurement of Anxiety Level of Patient in Relation to Diagnosis-Knowing and Unknowing Conditions-

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우옥자; 이은옥; 서문자

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.17 No.2, pp. 129-136
This study was carried out for the purposes to
identify the emotional reaction of the cancer patients
during their hospitalization from Dec. 1975 to April 1976.
One hundred and eleven cases from the several
general and educational hospitals in Seoul were selected
to test their anxiety by means of the Tayler's
"Personality Scale of Manifest Anxiety" modified
by Sung Tae, Kim(1969).
The anxiety score of the respondents were analysed
in comparison with the diagnosis knowing
group and the inaccurately or unknowing group
according to the situational variables such as sex,
age, presence or absence of spouse, experience of
operation, number of hospitalization and the duration
since recognition of their own diagnosis.
The study results were obtained through statistical analysis as follows:
1. In general characteristics of the respondents,
the number of female patients were more than male
patients, the most common age group was 41--60,
and majority of the respondents were graduates of
elementary, middle and high school.
2. The mean of anxiety score of total patient was
18.71 which was higher than the mean (17.8) of
the healthy adult presented by Kim.
3. There was a significant differences of anxiety
score between the accurately-knowing group and
inaccurately-knowing or unknowing group at 0.005
level (t=3.02 p<0.005). Mean of the former group
was 21. 32 and that of the later 17. O.
4. In accurately-knowing group, there was a
significant difference among the different periods
since recognition of their diagnosis at 0.001 level
(F=8.2 panxious and became less anxious when it got
5. In accurately-knowing group, there were no
significant differences in comparison with sex, age
presence or absence of spouse, experience of operation
and the number of hospitalization.
6. In inaccurately-knowing or unknowing group,
there was significant difference of anxiety score
between female and male patients at 0.001 level (t
=4.40 p21. 03 and that of male patient 13.73.
7. In inaccurately-knowing or unknowing group,
there were no significant difference according to
age, presence or absence of spouse, experience of
"operation and number of hospitalization.
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