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Malignant Neoplasms Among Koreans --A statistical study based on biopsy materials and blood smears-- : 한국인의 악성종양

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Lee, Sang Kook; Kim, Sang In; Ham, Eui Keun; Kim, Yong Il; Ahn, Geung Hwan

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.17 No.3, pp. 208-225
A statistical survey on the primary malignant
neoplasms among Koreans based on biopsy materials
and blood and bone marrow smears was
performed. In this study 2,7,,7 cases of total
primary malignant tumors (male l , .1,,8 cases,
female 1, 299 cases) diagnosl'r! at the Departments
of Anatomical Pathology and Clinical
Pathology, Seoul National University Hospital,
during a period of five years, from ]970 to
1974, were subjected.
All malignant neoplasms were classified according
to the WIlO code number. The relative (site) incidence Jl1 male by the frequency ratio
is highest for cancer of stomach (14. S%), and
thereafter in order of frequency ratio, by leukemia
(13.7%), larynx (6.9%), skin (5.4%),
lung (5.1%), urinary bladder (.J. 3%), oral cavity
except tongue (3.4%), and rectum(3.1 %).
The relative (site) incidence in female by the
frequency ratio is highest for cancer of the
uterine cervix (35.3%), and follows in order
of cancers of breast (9.9%), stomach (7.4%),
leukemia (5.9%), malignant lymphoma (5.2
%), thyroid (-1. 9%), rectum (-I. 0%), skin
(2.6%), liver (2.0%), and urinary bladder
(1. S%).
The age distribution of malignant neoplasms
shows the highest frequency in the sixth decade
(26.1%) in male and the fith decade (28.9%)
in female.
Generally, the annual identification of total
malignant neoplasms shows a tendency of gradual
increase since the first year. And the increase
is more pronounded in cancers of the
pharynx, lungs, prostate and brain in male and
cancers of thyroid and uterine cervix in female.
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