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의학연구에 있어서 Bibliographical Reference의 활용과 그 정리에 관한 연구 : The Study on the Logical Design of Bibliographical Reference for Medical Research

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.17 No.3, pp. 226-233
Progress in medical science is largely rely on
experiment and research, in which the part played by
the library is comparable in imparlance with that of
the research laboratory. No responsible medical
research is recognized to advance what he concerns
to be a new development until he has explore the
existing literature all the same or related subjects. It is,
therefore. essential that the efficient medical inforrnation
should be easily and rapidly accessible to the
medical researchers. Nevertheless, although the
medical literature is adequately available, the medical
researcher docs not always able to fully utilize it.
The quality of medical research depends mainly
upon the systematic collection of data to be used in
support of the author's research work from the
bcg ining to interpretation and conclusions at the cud.
Inevitably, most of the referential information collected
will come from printed materials, and the author is
expected to construct these materials as an indication
of his information sources for his research, Bibliographical
reference and footnote citation give the detailed
identification of all works consulted. Thus, it is an
important that a fair knowledge of the principles of
citation and a complete notation of reference arc
The present paper is aimed at providing formal
instruction to the medical researcher in the usc of
existing medical literatures. As summary, the present
paper is focused as follows:
1. The methodological tools for the reference
investigation were introduced.
2. The forms described under bibliographical
references are adopted in different entries of references on books and articles.
3. It is also described the footnote forms recommended
for medical research paper, in which all essential
information for the identification of footnote citation
arc obtained.
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