Alloplastic Implant가 연골에 미치는 영향 : Cartilage Change beneath the Alloplastic Implant

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.17 No.4, pp. 357-361
The phenomenon of alteration in solid tissues, such
as bone appears sometimes when allaplastic implants
are placed directly on this solid tissues.
Bone changes beneath the alloplastic substance have
not been described until 1969, when Robinson first
reported this in humans. When the alloplastic implants
are adjacent to cartilage. which is more softer
than bone. it may be expected more complex reactions
at the cellular level develop.
The present work is a study of the cartilage change
beneath the silastic implant in the rabbit ear. In all
experiments, 30 cases, non-litterrnate rabbits from a
mixed stock were used. Two silastic blocks, 10 x 5 x
Imm in size, were implanted on the rabbit car cartilage.
One was above the perichondrium and the
other was below the perichondrium. All implants were
removed 3 months after implantation. The cartilage
beneath the implants were examined grossly and
The following results were obtained;
1. On gross examination. the surface of the cartilage
beneath the implants did not show any evidence of
resorption. There was no difference between the supraperichondrial
implantation and the subperichondrlal
implantation during 3 months observation.
2. After the H-E, and PAS staining. and Anocarmine
aniline blue modification the cartilages were examined
histologically. The implants were surrounded by wellorganized
fibrous capsule. The inner surfaces of the
capsules were composed of mesothelium-like cell layer.
Below the capsule the cartilage showed essentially implantnormal
appearance whether the perichodrium protects
the cartilage or not. And no change could be detected
in the mucopolysaccharide of the cartilage ground
substance during 3 months observation.
3. Further observation may necessiate to determine
the ultimate effect upon the cartilage.
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