Major Causes of Administrative Development in Korea

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Bark, Dong Suh

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서울대학교 행정대학원
행정논총, Vol.18 No.1, pp. 103-111
Korea has successfully achieved the rapid development of economy especially since 1962. It is no doubt that lots of factors have contributed to the economic development, for example, politic. I stability, responsible politics, increased capital investment and saving, planned strategies, educated people(mass), and diffusion of mass communication. It is, however, well known that the initiative for economic development came from the government, executive branch in Korea, which is quite different from the developed nations of the West, because we had the few enterpreneurs who accumulated capital enough to engage in large industries. Therefore, it could be impossible to achieve the economic development without the suppout of the government and especially developed administration, which is not easily found in most developing nations. Here I Shall try to define the concept of administrative development, formulate the theoretical framework of administrative development, select some major causes which have greatly contributed to administrative development in Korea last twenty years, and then analyze, evaluate them from the perspective of the environment and administrative management composed of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling. Such discussion of the administrative development will contribute to the theory-building of the public administration and also help formulate the effective ways of administrative improvement in other new nations throughout the world.
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