유도장치가 부가된 진동회전방식 전동칫솔의 구강건강증진효과에 대한 조사연구 : Survey study of powered toothbrush with guiding device for oral hygiene improvement

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박윤수; 이철우; 함병도; 구기태; 김태일; 설양조; 이용무; 류인철; 구영; 정종평

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Korean Academy of Periodontology
J Korean Acad Periodontol 2009;39:407-412
oral hygienepersonal satisfactiontoothbrushing
Purpose: This study was performed to evaluate the effect of powered toothbrush with a wireless remote display on the subjective and objective oral hygiene improvement. Methods: One hundred and fifteen subjects in healthy or mild gingivitis status between the ages of 20 and 90 were recruited and reviewed for study inclusion criteria. At first visit, 115 pre-screened subjects filled in the questionnaire form which consisted of demographic factors, behavioral factors (smoking, alcohol consumption), toothbrushing habits (brushing time and frequency), self-reported oral health status, and self-satisfaction. Baseline clinical indices (Plaque index, Gingival index) were also recorded by a periodontist. Subjects were instructed how to use powered toothbrush with a wireless remote display, and were provided with it. Thirty days after first visit, 90 subjects returned for the second assessment by self-reported questionnaire form and professional clinical checkup. Statistical analysis was performed using paired t-test for the difference between baseline and second visit data. The relationship among variables was examined with chi-square test and Fisher' s exact test. Results: Significant differences were not found on self-reported satisfaction related with sex, smoking, alcohol consumption (P<0.05). Self-reported tooth brushing habit was improved in the aspect of brushing time and frequency. Significant differences were found on the self-reported oral health status, self-satisfaction, and clinical indices between the baseline and second visit data (P<0.01). Clinical indices were significantly reduced after using powered toothbrush with a wireless remote display (P<0.01). No adverse reactions were reported during the study period. Conclusions: Powered toothbrush with a wireless remote display successfully promoted oral hygiene from the subjective and objective viewpoint after 30 days of home usage.
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