손상 없이 영구 접착 보철물을 제거할 수 있는 cementation type 임플랜트 지대주 개발에 관한 연구 : A study on the complete retrieval system of the cementation type implant abutment

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Korean Academy of Prosthodontics
J Korean Acad Prosthodont 2004;42:597-607
The cementation type implant abutmentRetrievabilityMetal wedgeThe modified crown ejector
Purpose: This study was peformed to investigate the retrievability of the cemented crown from the cementation type implant abutment.
Material and method: The cementation type implant abutments (NEOBIOTECH implant abutment regular, 3 degree taper, 10mm length, 4mm diameter, Ti grade III, machined surface. Hwasung, Kyunggi-do) and cemented crowns were divided into 3 groups, depending on their hole angles formed in the crowns for their retrievability. The abutments and crowns were luted with 4 kinds of cements and separation test using metal wedge was executed with Instron 4465 Universal Testing Machine and the maximum impact force of the modified crown ejector was measured.
Results and conclusion : 1. All of the cementation type implant abutments and cemented crowns were separated with relatively small force by metal wedge. 2. The retrieving force was minimum when the metal wedge was applied perpendicular to the axis of abutment. 3. The force for retrieving crowns from abutments was maximum in resin cement group, and reduced in orders of zinc phosphate cement, glass ionomer cement and zinc oxide eugenol cement. 4. The maximum force obtained by the crown ejector was higher than the retrieval force in ZOE and GI cement and lower than that in ZPC and resin cement. 5. If it has similar conditions clinically, the cemented crowns luted with 2 types of cements (ZOE, GI cement) can be safely retrieved from the cementation type implant abutments by the modified crown ejector.
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