측두하악관절내장증에서 하악과두운동과 측두하악관절조영상의 상호관계 : Correlation of condylar mobility and arthrotomography in patients with internal derangements of the temporomandibular joint

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이은숙; 유동수; 박태원; 최순철

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대한구강악안면방사선학회지 1994;24:337-345
temporomandibular jointinternal derangementarthrography
Arthrography of the temporomandibular joint is a useful method of demonstrating the
soft tissue abnormalities related to disc dysfunction. In this study, 19 asymptomatic
joints, 31 joints with anterior disc displacement with reduction, 31 Joints with anterior
disc displacement without reduction which were classified by arthrotomography under
fluoroscopy were evaluated to determine the linear measurement of anterior recess of
inferior joint space and the relationship between the condylar anterior translation and the
severity of the internal derangements.
Their fluoroscopic images were also evaluated to describe the characteristics of
condylar paths in infernal derangements of the temporomandibular joints.
The results were as follows ;
1. The mean lengths of the anterior recess in asymptomaic group, reduction group,
and non-reduction group were 8.7±1.6 ㎜, 11.2±1.7㎜, 12.8±1.7㎜ respectively.
The length of the anterior recess was increased according to the severity of the
internal derangements(P<0.05).
2. Linear measurements of anterior movement of condyle on maximum mouth opening
were 13.1±4.2㎜, 15.9±4.1㎜, 5.0±3.7㎜ in asymptomatic group, reduction group, and
non-reduction group respectively.
Compared with aymptomatic group, reduction group showed hypermobolity of the
condyle and non-reduction group showed hypomobility.
3. Condyles moved beyond the crest of articular eminence in 80% of reduction group
and did not reach it in 70% of non-reduction group.
4. The condyle moved mainly superiorly in reduction group(66%) and horizontally in
asymptomatic group(47%). There were no cases to move superiorly in non-reduction
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