패리티 공간 기법과 분산형 필터를 이용한 관성센서의 신호 및 모델 기반의 고장검출 기법 연구 : Integrated Fault Detection and Isolation Method for The Inertial Sensor Using PSA and Decentralized Filter

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이원희; 박찬국

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2011 제26회 ICROS 학술대회
Fault DetectionInertial SensorPSADecentralized Filter
Integrity monitoring method of the inertial sensor is necessary to identify the system
reliability, because it is impossible to identify the system integrity without detecting and isolating
the sensor fault. Thus, this paper deals with the design of signal and model based fault detection
algorithm for redundant IMU(Inertial Measurement Unit) using PSA(Parity Space Approach) and
decentralized filter. Generally, the benefits of FDI(Fault Detection and Isolation) algorithm using
PSA are well known. However it can not detect the multiplicative faults. On the other hands,
decentralized filter is not affected by the type of fault. Therefore the integrated FDI method is more
powerful FDI solution for the inertial sensor than individual. In the simulation the redundant IMU
has a cone-shape configuration and decentralized filter is based on Kalman filter. And the
performance of FDI algorithm was verified using MATLAB simulink S/W simulator.
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