Demonstration of YAC Target Cell Lysis by Murine Granulated Metrial Gland Cells

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Croy, B. A.; Reed, N.; Malashenko, B.-A.; Kim, K.; Kwon, B. S.

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Cell, Immunol. 133:116,1991
Granulated metrial gland (GMG) cells are a consistently observed but poorly understood feature of the murine uterus during successful pregnancy. From morphological studies and antibody phenotyping it has been suggested that GMG cells may be members of the natural killer (NK) cell lineage. However, lysis of murine NK cell targets by GMG cells has not been observed although lysis of freshly dissociated trophoblast cells by GMG cells has been recorded using time-lapse video. We failed to demonstrate significant interactions between migrating GMG cells, collected from explant cultures under previously reported culture conditions, and YAC target cells. However, YAC cell lysis did occur if hrIL-2 was present throughout the periods of explant culture and lysis assay. Furthermore, lysis was enhanced if the pregnant females were treated with the interferon inducer poly I.C. 24 hr before metrial gland collection. GMG cells expressed perforin and serine protease mRNA. Consistent with the lysis experiments, expression of these genes was enhanced when the cells were incubated with hrIL-2. Our data provide further support for a relationship between GMG cells and NK cells, but do not establish a relationship of identity since hrIL-2, a growth factor sufficient for the culture of NK cells, cannot support growth or prolong survival Of GMG Cells.
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