Evaluation of the control performance of hydronic radiant heating systems based on the emulation using hardware-in-the-loop simulation

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Rhee, Kyu Nam; Yeo, Myoung Souk; Kim, Kwang Woo

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BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT; Vol.46 10; 2012-2022
Hydronic radiant heating systemHardware-in-the-loop simulationControl performanceEmulatorHydronic balancingEmulation
This study presents an emulation method to evaluate the control performance of a hydronic radiant heating system. Since heat output in the system is dependent on the pressure loss and flow rate in the hydronic network, the interaction between thermal and hydronic models needs to be considered in the evaluation of the control performance. For this reason, many studies apply an integrated simulation to the evaluation; however, the analysis of the hydronic network sometimes leads to unreliable results due to the improper initial values for algebraic loops or the lack of modeling information on the hydronic components. In order to deal with this problem, this study suggests an emulation method, where the hydronic network is replaced by real hardware and the building physics is analyzed by a simulation. In the emulation, the pressure loss and flow rate in the hydronic network were represented by replacing the real pipe with equivalent hydraulic resistance. In addition, by using real control systems that connect the hydronic network and building simulation, the interaction between building physics and hydronic network could be considered in the evaluation. Based on the proposed emulation method, the performance of several control strategies was evaluated in terms of the accuracy and the rise time. The result shows that the individual control needs to be combined with hydronic balancing for more accurate control. Hydronic control devices such as a flow limit valve and a pressure differential control valve also proved to be helpful to the improvement of the control performance. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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