정도전의 『진법(陳法)』과 태조대 군사력 재건
ng Do-Jeon"s Jinbup(陳法) and Re-building of the Joseon mlitary forces in the early Joseon Dynasty

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.53, pp. 35-64
陣圖之法癸丑陣說五衛陣法講武大閱儀5衛-5部Military Tactical manualJinbupJindobup Gaechuckjinseol,OwiejinbupJung Do-Jeonthe training of the art of warthe Royal ceremony of grand military trainingthe five-five formation system
서양 전쟁사학자들은 전쟁에 대하여 다년간의 심도 깊은 연구를 통해 전쟁사의 학문적 역량을 발전시켜 왔다. 실증주의에 입각한 전쟁의 복원이라는 새로운 틀을 시작으로 전쟁을 통하여 사회를 해석하고자 하는 단계를 거쳐 인류 역사전개의 원인을 전쟁에서 규명하려는 노력, 문명의 팽창과 전쟁의 상관관계, 군사혁명론의 논의 등 다각도의 시각을 적용한 연구를 지향하여 전쟁사 분야를 학문의 영역으로 올려놓았다. 특히 1950년대 중반 이래 서양에서의 군사혁명론(M.ilitary Revolαion)'에 대한 논의는 경제사의 영역으로 분류되어 왔었던 군사(軍史, M.ilitary Hìstory)를 독립시켜 군사사(軍事史)라는 새로운 영역을 마련하는 중요한 계기가 되었다. 이제 군사사는 유럽역사의 근본원리 또는 근대유럽 역사 그 자체로 인식되기 시작한 것이다.

Military formation is the way of an arrangement of forces. Military formation in the early Joseon Dynasty, however, is not only the way of arrangement of forces but also very important material can be showed military systems of Joseon Dynasty. Through formations, structures of military formations, and the tactics of mobile warfare, the Jinbup had been preserving the answer of problems faced with Joseon Dynasty at that times of publishing the Jinbup.

The function of the Jinbup is the unification of military forces through the five-formation systems. Cental armies were established through the period of reconstructing military forces in the change era within Yuen and Myung Dynasty in the founding term of Joeseon Dynasty, tables of organization and ways of basic training which can reinforce local military forces were supplied, and Joseon"s army were got the military advantages of nomadic and settler"s army through the training of the art of war(講武) and the Royal ceremony of grand military training(大閱儀) by Jung Do-Jeon, Joesoen"s army trained by the Jinbup from basic training to the training of the art of war(講武) and the Royal ceremony of grand military training(大閱儀) were balanced with nomadic and settler"s merits of military forces. In cultural perspective, Agricultural settler"s of Joseon Dynasty faced the dillema when pursuing nomadic military tradition to secure large quantity of military manpowers in terms of high-quality cavalries, and Joseon Dynasty"s nomadic characteristic changes to that of settlers. Therefore it can be referred that paced with development of military formation in the early Joseon Dynasty, the Joseon"s way of war-performance and military tradition is changed.
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