공공조직 조직성과의 결정요인에 관한 연구: 공직동기, 신분불안, 직무만족을 중심으로 : A Study on the Determinants of Organizational Performance in Public Organizations: Public Service Motivation, Job Insecurity and Job Satisfaction

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신황용; 이희선

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서울대학교 행정대학원
행정논총, Vol. 50 No. 1, pp. 1-35
조직성과공직동기신분불안직무만족구조방정식모형Public Service MotivationJob InsecurityJob SatisfactionOrganization PerformanceStructural Equation Model
이 논문은 박사학위논문(신황용)의 일부를 보완한 것임.
본 연구는 공공조직의 공직동기와 신분불안이 조직성과에 미치는 영향과 직무만족의 매개효 과를 살펴보려는데 그 주된 목적을 두고 기관 유형의 구분에 따른 구조방정식모형 분석을 하였 다. 분석 결과 공공조직 전체 연구모형에서는 공직동기가 직무만족과 조직성과에 정(+)적인 영 향을, 신분불안은 직무만족과 조직성과에 부(-)적인 영향을, 직무만족은 조직성과에 정(+)적인 영향을 미침은 물론 매개역할도 하고 있었다. 혁신적 조직인사제도를 미시행기관과 시행기관으 로 구분한 연구모형에서는 미시행기관과 시행기관 모두에 있어 공직동기는 직무만족과 조직성 과에 정(+)적인 영향을 미친 반면, 신분불안은 미시행기관에서는 직무만족과 조직성과에 영향 을 미치지 않았으나, 시행기관에서는 부(-)적인 영향을 미치는 것으로 분석되었다. 정책적 함의 로 공직동기, 직무만족이 조직성과의 결정요인임이 확인되었으며, 특히 신분불안도 중요한 결정 요인임이 확인되어 이론적 측면에서 큰 의의를 지닌다. The main objective of this study is to review whether public service motivation and job insecurity in public organizations have an effect on organizational performance. In addition, it is focused on understanding the structural effects of a relationship between the parameter effect of job satisfaction and the determinants of organizational performance. To verify this, a survey of public organizations was set up based on an analysis employing a structural equation model. Public service motivation was found to have a positive effect on job satisfaction and organizational performance, but job insecurity had a negative effect on job satisfaction and organizational performance among public organizations in the study model. Job satisfaction has a positive effect on organizational performance as well as serving as a parameter. Public service motivation had a positive influence on job satisfaction and organizational performance on organizations that did or did not implement innovative organizational personnel systems. Job insecurity had a negative effect on job satisfaction and organizational performance in organizations with innovative personnel systems, but no influence on organizations without such systems. The policy implications of this study are that public service motivation in public organizations is a major determinant of organizational performance and job satisfaction is a parameter of organizational performance. In addition, job insecurity is confirmed as an important factor in organizational performance in public organizations. In particular, the use of job security as a variable, though it is not used much in the study of public organizations, is of great significance in terms of theoretical study.
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