말뚝캡이 선단지지 무리말뚝의 지지거동에 미치는 영향 : Influence of Pile Cap On The Behaviors of End Bearing Pile Groups

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최영석; 이수형; 정충기; 김명모

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한국지반공학회 = Korean Geotechnical Society
한국지반공학회 가을학술발표회, 2000년 11월 3일, pp.245-252
Model testsFree standingPiled footingPile spacingPile capInteractionEnd-Bearing pile
Model tests on free standing pile groups and piled footings with varying a pile spacing in two layered soils are carried out. The influence of pile cap on the behaviors of end bearing pile groups is analyzed by comparing the bearing behavior in piled footings with those in a single pile, a shallow footing(cap alone) and free standing pile groups. From the test results, it is spacings. Before yield, the bearing resistance by cap is not fully mobilized, however, as the applied load increases, the bearing resistance of cap approaches to that of cap alone and settlement hardedning occurs after yield due to the compaction caused by the contact pressure between cap and soil. By the cap-soil-pile interaction, shaft friction and point resistace of piles considerably increase with dependency of pile spacings. In two layered soil, the increasing effect of dilatancy in dense sandy soil adjacent to pile tips, increases the point resistance of pile.
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