The effect of adeno-associated virus and human papillomavirus in the semen on the reproductive outcome

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Kim, C. H.; Lee, J. Y.; Kim, S. H.; Suh, C. S.; Kang, Y. J.; Cha, C. Y.; Hwang, E. S.; Jung, J. H.; Shin, Y. K.

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Introduction: Adeno-associated virus(AAV) needs helper virus such as human papillomavirus(HPV) for its replication. AAV and HPV DNA were found in the abnormal quality semen, early abortus and female genital tissue. It was suggested that they might cause male infertility and miscarriage. We would like to evaluate detection rate of these viruses in the semen and to assess relationship between presence of virus and male factor infertility and recurrent miscarriage.
Material and Methods: Sixty-three men attended this research. Semen samples were collected for semen analysis(49 cases), IVF and/or ICSI(8 cases) and sperm donation(6 cases). Semen qualities were determined according to the WHO criteria. AAV DNA was detected by nested PCR and sequencing and HPV DNA by PCR. Fifty men had abnormal semen analysis results (male factor group, MF group). Thirty-four men had wives suffered from more than two repeated miscarriage (repeated miscarriage group, RM group). Fourteen men were allocated to control group who had normal semen analysis results and were expected to have normal reproductive capacity via confirming ongoing pregnancy to mid-trimester without treatment of repeated miscarriage.
Results: AAV DNA in the semen was frequently found in RM (50.0%) and MF group (60.0%). The detection rates of both group were significantly higher than control group (14.3%, p < 0.05). The detection rate of HPV DNA in the control group (21.4%) was not statistically different with RM (14.7%) and MF (6.7%) groups.
Conclusions: AAV might play the important role in male infertility and repeated miscarriage, but HPV not be related with these disorders. It will be of interest to learn how AAV affects to spermatogenesis and to confirm whether AAV and HPV affect the outcomes of in vitro fertilization. Additionally, the further research with women will need to understand the relation between repeated miscarriage and AAV infection.
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