Emerging Korean Artists: Aesthetic Sophistication and Issues of Globalization

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Lee, Junghee

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서울대학교 미술대학 조형연구소
造形 FORM, Vol.29, pp. 120-126
In such a short period contemporary Korean art has reached a high level in terms of techniques and media manipulation. Korean artists have joined the international community of contemporary art, where their statements about Korean aesthetics are appreciated in such a way that while looking at each p1ece it is possible to identify the characteristics of an emerging Korean international style. Yet, Korean artists working internationally have found only small audiences and few patrons. This is no longer because Western societies appear unable to understand Eastern aesthetics. Especially recently. with the Beijing Olympics, contemporary art from Asia has received much attention and critical praise, especially in the case of shocking and often political work from contemporary Chinese artists. This
situation helps to promote the contemporary Korean art as a part of contemporary East Asian art. What more can be done to promote the status of contemporary Korean art abroad?
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College of Fine Arts (미술대학)Visual Arts Institute (조형연구소)Form (조형)Form (조형) vol.29 (2008)
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