A Day in the Life of a Turkish Village Woman

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Balaman, Ali Riza

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서울대학교 비교문화연구소
비교문화연구, Vol.2, pp. 271-274
She has to wake up before dawn. First of all she prepares the dough for the daily bread which takes at least two hours. In the meantime, she makes the fire and puts the cooker on it for morning soup. She goes down to the barn to take the morning milk from the sheep and cows. Before she goes she wakes up one child to help her by holding the animals head while she milks. After milking she goes quickly to the spring to bring back fresh water, and she distributes portions of water to several places - some for the toilet, some in an earthenware jug for drinking, and some in the long spouted copper kettle near the fire which will be warmed for personal hygiene. She takes the soup away from the fire and puts the milk on the fire to cook for making yogurt. After the milk boils, she starts to cook the bread. She puts the storder in the dough to make it ready to be cooked and wakes her husbands and children. The family enjoys the morning soup together with the fresh breads.
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College of Social Sciences (사회과학대학)Institute of Cultural Studies(비교문화연구소)비교문화연구비교문화연구 vol.02 (1995)
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