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골수의 비만세포에 대한 관찰 : The significance of tissue mast cells in human bone marrow

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dc.identifier.citationSeoul J Med, Vol.23 No.4, pp. 491-495-
dc.description.abstracthave been observed in a wide variety of hematologic
disorders, as well as in several nonhematologic disease
However, the frequency and significance of this
phenomenon in the bone marrow has not yet been
accurately determined. In an attemp to define the
disorders associated with an increase in bone marrow
mast cells and to assess the relative incidence of
this finding, we examined 220 bone marrow sections
obtained at the Department of Laboratory Medicine,
Seoul National University Hospital for 7 months
from Jan. 1982 to July 1982. Mast cells were adjudged
by the metachromatic staining of their cytoplasmic
granules and counted in 20 fields under dry
high power(X 400). The 220 sections were divided
into four groups according to the mast cell counts/
Group 1 :
Group n:
The results obtained were as follows:
1. The mast cells were irregularly dispersed
between hemopoietic cells, fat globules and around
blood vessels.
2. Mast cells were increased in 15(6.82%) out of
220 bone marrow sections.
3. There was statistically significant difference
between the groups having increased number of mast
cells and having normal number of mast cells in
celluarity (p4. Of the 15 patients belonging group III (12
case) and IV (3 case), six had aplastic anemia, three
had iron deficiency anemia, and each one with
systemic lupus erythematQsus, hypersplenism, preleukemic
syndrome, FDO, systemic bacterial infection,
and malignant lymphoma without bone marrow
5. Of the 30 patients who had aplastic anemia,
eleven were group I. thirteen were group II, four
were group III and two were group IV.
6. None of the 44 patients with leukemia have
(AML 23, CML 9, ALL 12) increased mast cells.
7. There was no consistent relationship between
the presence of increased number of mast cells and
iron contents, and M;E ratio.
8. In group III and IV, anemia was the sole common
factor, but there was no significant relationship
between the degree of anemia and the presence of
increased number of mast cells.
dc.publisher서울대학교 의과대학-
dc.title골수의 비만세포에 대한 관찰-
dc.title.alternativeThe significance of tissue mast cells in human bone marrow-
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dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorCho, Han Ik-
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorKim, Sang In-
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