Socket preservation using deproteinized horsederived bone mineral

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Park, Jang-Yeol; Koo, Ki-Tae; Kim, Tae-Il; Seol, Yang-Jo; Ku, Young; Chung, Chong-Pyoung; Rhyu, In-Chul; Lee, Yong-Moo

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Korean Academy of Periodontology
Journal of Periodontal and Implant Science; Vol.40, No.5, pp.227-231
Bone resorptionBone substitutesClinical trialTooth socket
Purpose: The healing process following tooth extraction apparently results in a pronounced resorption of the alveolar ridge. As a result, the width of alveolar ridge is reduced and severe alveolar bone resorption occurs. The purpose of this experiment is to clinically and histologically evaluate the results of using horse-derived bone mineral for socket preservation. Methods: The study comprised 4 patients who were scheduled for extraction as a consequence of severe chronic periodontitis or apical lesion. The extraction was followed by socket preservation using horse-derived bone minerals. Clinical parameters included buccal-palatal width, mid-buccal crest height, and mid-palatal crest height. A histologic examination was conducted. Results: The surgical sites healed uneventfully. The mean ridge width was 7.75±2.75 mm at baseline and 7.00±2.45 mm at 6 months. The ridge width exhibited no significant difference between baseline and 6 months. The mean buccal crest height at baseline was 7.5±5.20 mm, and at 6 months, 3.50±0.58 mm. The mean palatal crest height at baseline was 7.75±3.10 mm, and
at 6 months, 5.00±0.82 mm. There were no significant differences between baseline and 6 months regarding buccal and palatal crest heights. The amount of newly formed bone was 9.88±2.90%, the amount of graft particles was 42.62±6.57%, and the amount of soft tissue was 47.50±9.28%. Conclusions: Socket preservation using horse-derived bone mineral can effectively maintain ridge dimensions following tooth extraction and can promote new bone formation through osteoconductive activities. Copyright © 2010 Korean Academy of Periodontology.
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