Age estimation by occlusal tooth wear

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Kim Y.-K.; Kho H.-S.; Lee K.-H.

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ASTM International
Journal of Forensic Sciences, Vol.45, No.2, pp.303-309
Age estimationForensic anthropologyScoring systemTooth wearForensic scienceForensic odontology
The purpose of the present investigation was to test the accuracy of a new scoring system in recording tooth wear for age estimation. The material consisted of dental stone casts of 383 volunteers who had sound premolars and molars with normal occlusion. The degree of occlusal wear for all premolar and molar teeth was scored with the new system. The high intra- and inter- examiner concordances showed that the new score system was very reliable. The degree of tooth wear showed a significant positive correlation with age in each and every examined tooth of both males and females. Tooth wear scores of males were higher than those of females. Calculating tables for age estimation were designed and the accuracy of age estimation was obtained with the General Linear Models procedures. Our system could provide estimation of an individual`s age within ±3 years in 42.4% of males and 49.4% of females, within ±5 years in 61.8% of males and 63.3% of females. When the subjects were divided into two age groups and data were re-treated, the accuracy of age estimation was increased. Collectively, it was shown that our new system for scoring tooth wear is a reliable and accurate method for age estimation.
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