Carbon Sequestration Benefits of the Makiling Forest Reserve, Philippines

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Camacho, Leni D.; Camacho, Sofronio C.; Youn, Yeo-Chang

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Taylor & Francis
Forest Science and Technology, vol.5(1), pp. 23-30
Carbon sequestrationCarbon sequestration benefitsclimate change mitigationclimate abatementbiomasscarbon content
This paper discusses carbon sequestration in Makiling Forest Reserve (MFR)and in the Philippines in general in relation to mitigating climate change. First, it estimates the values of carbon sequestration benefits for MFR and the Philippines. Then it reviews the policies and practices in the country pertaining to carbon sequestration. Then it determines the feasibility of different climate abatement projects, including reforestation, tree planting and agroforestry activities. The current carbon content in the biomass of the plant covers in MFR is estimated to be 109 tons per hectare. Accordingly, the total carnon content for the whole of MFR is 167,277 tons. The equivalent in terms of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere is 669,108 tons, amounting to a total sequestration value of P 1.5 billion or US$3.8 million. The capitalized value derived from MFR carbon sequestration is P 15.06 billion or US$1.13 billion. Conservation of existing forests reduces oxidized carbon releases into the atmosphere. Agroforestry systems also have the potential to replace destructive shifting agricultural practices. Other strategies for increasing the amount of carbon being stored in forest ecosystems. The latter involves planting of fast-growing species and high-timber-yielding varieties. The sustainable management of the forests in MFR would contribute significant greenhouse benefits by enhancing long-term storage of carbon in the ecosystem.
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