Performance of electrospun poly(ε-caprolactone) fiber meshes used withmineral trioxide aggregates in the pulp capping procedure

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Lee, WooCheol; Oh, Joung-Hwan; Park, Joo-Cheol; Shin, Hong-In; Baek, Jeong-Hwa; Ryoo, Hyun-Mo; Woo, Kyung Mi

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ACTA BIOMATERIALIA Vol.8 No.8, pp. 2986-2995
복합학Electrospun fiberPulp cappingDentin-pulp complexOdontoblastMineral trioxide aggregate
Living dental pulp tissue exposed to the oral environment should be protected with an appropriate pulp
capping material to support the dentinogenesis potential of the pulp cells. Mineral trioxide aggregate
(MTA) is the material of choice for the treatment of pulp. However, due to cytotoxicity during the initial
setting phase of MTA, a new material is required that can act as a barrier to direct contact but facilitate
the favorable effect of MTA. This study examined the feasibility of using electrospun poly(e-caprolactone)
fiber (PCL-F) meshes in the MTA-based pulp capping procedures. An experimental pulp capping was performed
on the premolars of beagle dogs, and the efficacy of the PCL-F meshes was evaluated after
8 weeks. PCL-F/MTA formed a dentin bridge that was approximately fourfold thicker than that formed
by the MTA. Columnar polarized odontoblast-like cells with long processes and tubular dentin-like matrices
were observed beneath the dentin bridge in the PCL-F/MTA. The cells were also intensely immunostained
for dentin sialoprotein. In cell cultures, PCL-F/MTA reduced cell death to 8% of that in the
MTA group. The proliferation of the cells cultured on PCL-F/MTA was much greater than that of cells cultured
on MTA. Furthermore, PCL-F/MTA promoted the differentiation of MDPC23 cells to odontoblast-like
cells and biomineralization, as confirmed by the expression of alkaline phosphatase and dentin sialophosphoprotein,
and by the deposition of calcium. Based on these histologic findings and the cell responses
observed in this study, PCL-F may be used efficiently in the MTA-based dental pulp therapy.
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