근골격계 병동 신규간호사의 간호직무수행도와 중요도 : Frequency and Importance of Nurse's Job in New Graduate Nurses Working in Musculoskeletal Ward

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임난영; 윤순녕; 김정은; 이영선; 정연이; 송정희

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류마티스건강학회지 Vol.13 No.2, pp. 108-118
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine comparison in the frequency and
importance of nurse's job in new graduate nurses working in musculoskeletal ward.
Method: A descriptive design was used with convenience sampling of 72 new graduate
nurses working in musculoskeletal ward of the 2 hospitals with over 500 beds. Data were
collected using a structured questionnaire. Results: 1) The total score for frequency of
nurse's job was 2.57±.41 and the total score for importance of nurse's job was 3.00±.37.
2) The most frequent category was to manage for a medication and the most frequent
item was to administer a medication in the order 3) The most important category was to
control of tissue perfusion and the most important item was to keep the aseptic
techniques. 4) The frequencies among the work places were different significantly in 3
categories. 5) The importances among the work places were different significantly in 2
categories. Conclusion: New graduate nurses perceived the importance than the
frequency of nurse's job. Also check or analysis the vital sign and nurses job associated
with medication were higher score. Therefore, further research is needed to develop the
educational strategies to strengthen not only theory also practice.
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