The current status of Hospital Information Systems in Yanbian, China

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Kim, Jeongeun; Piao, Meihua; Jingwu, Wu

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The Korean Society of Medical Informatics
Journal of Korean
Society of Medical Informatics Vol.15 No.1, pp. 133-140
의약학Hospital Information SystemOCSPACS
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to analyze the current status of Hospital Information system in Yanbian, China.
Methods: Structured self-administered questionnaires were sent to hospitals in Yanbian to survey the issues and six
hospitals answered. Data were analyzed by using Windows SPSS 12.0. Results: All facilities were second-grade national
hospitals with 100~500 beds, kept about 40 computers and all used internet. Four of them had information exclusive
department, and the other two had the implementation plans. All of the hospitals had Patient Billing System and some
features of Medication Administration System. Four hospitals had administration systems, and the other two had no plans
to develop or adopt administration system in the next three years. Two hospitals used the packages composed of
Electronic Data Interchange System, Amount Receivable Management System and Laboratory Information System. One
hospital used the Picture Archiving and Communication System, Telemedicine System, Radioactive Examination.
Conclusions: Compared with Korea, the results showed relevant explanation on the delays of implementing HIS and its
current status in Yanbian. In order to develop Hospital Information System, various strategies must be developed and
active international support and research was required to provide the appropriate experiences.
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