각종깨스농도하 Cimex Lectularious의 치사양상에 과한 실험성적 : Experimental Studies on the Mortality Phases of Cimex Lectularius by Various Gas Components

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김선화; 윤덕노; 고응린; 차철환

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.5 No.4, pp. 1-6
In view of speculation that the current tendeney
cf decrease in the population of the Cimex lectularius
in general Korean residences since the wide spread
use of coal briquettes might be due to the effect of
the briquette gas, the authors initiated this experiment
to confirm the effects of various component of
coal briquette gas.
As a test gas component, 502 CO, the briquette and nitrogen gases were employed.
The results ean be outlined as follows:
1. 502 gas demonstrated a markedly effective insecticidal
action towards Cimex lectularius.
2. CO gas also proved to be effectively insecticidal by
high concentrations and weaker in action than that
of 502 gas, being suggestive of feasibility of practical
3. The briquette gas showed far stronger insecticidal
effects than 502 and COogases even with lower concentrations
of 502 gas and CO gas contents.
4. When 502 and CO gases were combined, it did not
show any synergistical effect.
5. The survival of Cimex lectularius was influenced
by the low oxygen tension.
6. There should be more exploration on the obviously
strong insecticidal action of the briquetta gas associated
with the clarification of physico-chemical
characteristics of briquette gas.
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