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고압 및 저압이 조직비판세포에 미치는 영향에 관한 실험적연구 : An Experimental Study on the Effects of High and Low Pressure on the Tissue Mast Cells in Albino Rats

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지제근; 이재구

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.8 No.1, pp. 13-23
The behavior of tissue mast cells in albino rats subjected
to experimental pressure change was studied. Compression
chamber for small animals was used to maintain 3 atmospheric
pressure. and decompression chamber to maintain
18,000 ft. simulated altitude (approximately one-half
atmospheric pressure). After exposure to high and low
pressure for 7 hours the animals were restored to normal
condition. Total mast cells per 20 high power fields
were counted in various tissues and organs in relation
to time passed after exposures,
Both high and low pressure exposures exeted a graduaIr
decrease in the mast cell count in various tissues and
organs which reached to the minimal level at 6~12
hours and 3~6 hours after exposure. respectively. followed
by a gradual rise up to normal level within a week. When
the numbers of tissue mast cells in tissues were decreasing
in albino-rats under high and low pressure, percentage of
normal type of tissue mast cell was decreased while
percentage of diffuse type was increased On the other
hand. when the numbers of tissue mast cells were restored
and increased. the percentage of the Icrrnr rs increased
and that of the latters decreased.
Summarizing the experimental results stated above. it
was assumed that the numerical changes of tissue mast
cells in rat are in certain relationship with pressure changes.
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