음향방출법을 이용한 복합레진-치아 접착 파괴의 시간적 해석 : Time Domain Analysis of De-Bonding of Composite-Tooth Interface using Acoustic Emission

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조낙연; 임범순; 이인복

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대한치과기재학회지 Vol.39 No.2, pp. 163-174
의약학acoustic emissioncompositessiloranemethacrylatepolymerization shrinkage
The aim of this study was to evaluate the interfacial debonding behaviors of tooth-composite interface
using an acoustic emission (AE) technique and relate it to the polymerization shrinkage kinetics of
composites. An AE system was manufactured to detect the acoustic signals which were generated by the
debonding at the tooth-composite interface during composite restoration. A class I cavity was prepared on
the 14 extracted human premolars and divided into two groups. The prepared teeth in each group were
restored with either a methacrylate based Z250 (3M ESPE) composite or a silorane based P90 (3M ESPE)
composite. AE signals were measured as a function of time for 4000 s after the initiation of light curing.
The polymerization shrinkage and peak shrinkage rate of two composites was measured. The mean AE
events number for P90 was lower than that of Z250. AE in Z250 group was detected right after the
beginning of light curing, while AE was first initiated 40 s after beginning of light exposure in P90. The
polymerization shrinkage of P90 (1.34%) was lower than that of Z250 (2.16%). Peak polymerization shrinkage
rate in P90 (0.25%s-1) was also lower than that in Z250 (0.40%s-1), and the time to reach peak shrinkage
rate of P90 was longer (3.2 s) than that of Z250 (1.4 s). The lower the shrinkage (rate) and slower
polymerization reaction of composites resulted in the lower AE events number. The AE is an effective
technique to monitor the debonding kinetics at tooth-composite interface during the composite restoration in
real time.
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