A synergistic interaction between transcription factors nuclear factor-kB and signal transducers and activators of transcription 3 promotes gastric cancer cell migration and invasion

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Yoon, Jiyeon; Cho, Sung Jin; Ko, Young San; Park, Jinju; Shin, Dong Hoon; Hwang, In Chan; Han, Sang Yeun; Nam, Seon Young; Kim, Min A; Chang, Mee Soo; Lee, Hye Seung; Kim, Woo Ho; Lee, Byung Lan
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BioMed Central
BMC Gastroenterolog, vol.13 no.29
Hearing lossCopy number variationLinkage analysisSingle nucleotide variationMutation analysis
Background : The genetic heterogeneity of sensorineural hearing loss is a major hurdle to the efficient discovery of disease-causing genes. We designed a multiphasic analysis of copy number variation (CNV), linkage, and single nucleotide variation (SNV) of whole exome sequencing (WES) data for the efficient discovery of mutations causing nonsyndromic hearing loss (NSHL).

Results: From WES data, we identified five distinct CNV loci from a NSHL family, but they were not co-segregated among patients. Linkage analysis based on SNVs identified six candidate loci (logarithm of odds [LOD] >1.5). We selected 15 SNVs that co-segregated with NSHL in the family, which were located in six linkage candidate loci. Finally, the novel variant p.M305T in ACTG1 (DFNA20/26) was selected as a disease-causing variant.

Conclusions: Here, we present a multiphasic CNV, linkage, and SNV analysis of WES data for the identification of a candidate mutation causing NSHL. Our stepwise, multiphasic approach enabled us to expedite the discovery of disease-causing variants from a large number of patient variants.
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