소셜 광고 미디어 플랫폼에서의 UX 디자인 연구 : UX Design of Social Advertisement Media

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박미지; 윤주현; 김재식; 장일범; 김보연

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한국디자인학회 2010 디자인통합 국제학술대회 논문집, pp. 106-107
예술체육Social Network ServiceSocial Advertisement MediaInterface DesignUser Experience Design
The growth of mobile web brings consistency of web using experience both with mobile and PC web User Interfaces. And the services enrich diversified user experience by connection of various screen interfaces. In this interface environment, the important thing is coherence of service identity in diversity. The application interfaces have to designs deliberately for format and context. On the other, in the streams of web2.0, social media is one of the most popular services for social participation and communication. In the social media, there is many way of advertising and marketing. 10 this research define the media on this purpose social advertisement media. At present social advertisement media in a point of time come into being, and there is necessity of researching user experience and interface for inducing participation.
This work proposals a new type of social advertising media and study branding design, UX(User Experience) design, GUI(Graphical User Interface) design. This advertising media that is largely based on SNS(Social Networking Service), and intimate communications between users and a new type of participating system will be the main components of the advertising. The advertisement through the service will consist of web and smart phone application, and users can participate either by writing a comment on the web or playing games on smart phones. The service is not just a commercial that people sit and watch, but also a social advertisement that people can participate easily and benefit from.
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